Peg Meier has written seven books about Minnesotans, past and present. She was an award-winning reporter for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minn., for 35 years before happily retiring in 2006. At the newspaper, she wrote mostly about ordinary Minnesotans who told her their extraordinary stories. Meier also found stories about Minnesota history, presented in a way that intrigued even people who didn’t think they cared about the state’s past. This is her most recent book:

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Through No Fault of My Own: 
A Girl's Diary of Life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age

When Coco Irvine was 13 years old in 1927, she kept a charming diary. She loved to write and get into trouble, and the diary gave her a chance to explain the messes she created. "I'm in deep trouble through no fault of my own" was her frequent excuse. Coco's father owned lumber companies, and the Irvines were among the Midwest's wealthiest families. As adults, Coco and her sister donated their late parents' home to the state of Minnesota. It's now the Governor's Residence. Meier rediscovered the hilarious diary in the Minnesota Historical Society archives and wrote a foreword and surprising aftermath. The diary was published by the University of Minnesota Press and was followed by a play at the History Theatre in St. Paul in March 2012.
Publishers Weekly (starred review*)
“[Coco’s] exuberance, defiance, and sweetness will win over readers from the first entry.’’

Kirkus Book Reviews
“What makes this account so appealing is the clear evocation of what it is to be 13 – impatient to be grown up yet still childlike in many ways.”

Minnesota History, quarterly magazine of the Minnesota Historical Society Press
“A teenager’s record of hijinks and the high life among St. Paul’s elite.”

​Linda White in her blog, Book Maniac
“There is everything to love about this darling little package, including its provenance. Peg Meier, a dogged historian who delights in nothing other than digging through reams of dusty old papers, found a diary during one of her forays into the archives of the Minnesota Historical Society.”

Star Tribune, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn.
“The diary is concise and consistently charming, often unintentionally so, and definitely worth a read. If Coco hadn’t really existed, nobody would believe someone this exuberant and madcap could be real.”

Dave Wood, past president of the National Book Critics Circle
“Peg Meier has hit the jackpot [with Coco]….[She] has written a passel of bestselling books of popular history, including Bring Warm Clothes.”

Reviews of "Through No Fault of My Own"